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There’s something special about that intersection between movement and exploration. When you combine your body’s natural need to swim, paddle, stroll, raft or hike with a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into a new and exciting destination, the resulting experience is one you will cherish forever. However you define “adventure,” the experiences in your complimentary Active & Adventure Travel digital magazine are ideal for those who wish to keep exploring. They include expedition cruises to Antarctica and the Galápagos Islands, adults-only waterparks, journeys that celebrate different perspectives and cultures, family-focused excursions and more.

Our adventure experts are standing by, ready to answer any question you might have about the offers in this magazine. We have the experience to plan every portion of your journey, creating a seamless travel experience that exceeds all your expectations.

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Receive $250 in Shipboard Credit Per Person on Select Expedition Cruises Through Our Travel Agency

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Receive up to $3,000 Bonus Savings Per Stateroom

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Receive $100 in Onboard Credit Per Person on MS Santa Cruz II

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Save 10% on USA and Canada Trips Booked Between June 14 and October 31, 2022, for Travel Through December 31, 2022

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Receive up to $50 in Onboard Credit on Select Sailings

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Book by September 28, 2022 and Save up to $350 Per Person on Select 2022 Adventures


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5-Night Berlin to Prague Bike Tour or Easygoing E-bike Tour

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Enjoy Complimentary Shared Roundtrip Airport Transfers in Riu Palace Costa Mujeres, Riu Palace Cabo San Jucas, Riu Santa Fe, Riu Guanacaste, Riu Palace Pacifico, Riu Palace Tropical Bay and Riu Palace Bavaro

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Save 15% on Small Group Experiences Across the Globe When You Book by July 14, 2022


We can tailor your vacation with more adventures or more relaxing moments. Contact us today.


Terms and Conditions

ADVENTURES BY DISNEY®: Valid only for new bookings made through Adventures by Disney only 4/29/2022 through 9/28/2022 for travel 7/4/2022 to 10/31/2022. Book any available departure of these select Adventures by Disney Escapes, Land North and Central America, and Land Other International itineraries at the nondiscounted prevailing price as quoted by our agency on the date of booking (the “Regular Rate”) and receive: $150 per person off on the London Escape: 8/26/2022; $250 per person off the select Land North America and Central America departures: Costa Rica: 7/16/2022; Disneyland Resort & Southern California: 9/4/2022, 9/25/2022; Montana & Wyoming: Bozeman, Yellowstone & Tetons: 8/31/2022; Wyoming: 8/22/2022, 8/25/2022, 8/29/2022; Canada: 9/3/2022, 9/13/2022, 9/17/2022, 9/20/2022; Alaska: 7/11/2022; $350 per person off on the select Land Other International departures: Australia: 7/13/2022, 9/25/2022, 10/23/2022; Egypt): 7/5/2022, 9/20/2022, 9/27/2022, 10/11/2022, 10/25/2022; England & France: 8/15/2022, 8/22/2022, 8/26/2022, 9/2/2022, 9/12/2022, 10/3/2022; Germany: 8/5/2022, 8/16/2022; Grand Europe: 9/15/2022, 9/22/2022, 10/6/2022; Greece: 9/2/2022, 9/9/2022; Iceland: 8/27/2022, 9/28/2022; Italy: 9/20/2022; Italy & Amalfi Coast: 8/23/2022, 10/20/2022; New Zealand: 10/17/2022, 10/31/2022; Norway: 8/13/2022, 9/3/2022; Peru: 7/7/2022, 8/4/2022, 9/6/2022, 10/10/2022; Poland, Czech Republic & Austria: 7/5/2022, 7/15/2022, 8/5/2022, 8/16/2022, 9/9/2022, 9/20/2022, 9/30/2022; Portugal: 7/23/2022, 9/10/2022, 9/24/2022; South Africa: 7/15/2022, 8/13/2022; Spain: 7/4/2022, 9/19/2022, 10/17/2022. Regular Rates vary depending on departure date and time of booking and are subject to change. Any courtesy hold, without payment of the standard deposit, will not guarantee availability of the offer for the selected departure date. The offer designation may not reflect real time offer availability; accordingly, availability is subject to confirmation at time of booking and payment of the standard deposit. Offer availability is limited for each departure. The offer terminates on 9/28/2022 or when the limited spaces eligible for the offer on the applicable departure date have been booked, whichever is earlier. Lead guest of the booking party must travel on the land package booked. Qualifying itineraries have a Last Chance Offer designation on the applicable Rates and Dates page of the itinerary page. Offer not transferable or redeemable for cash in whole or in part and cannot be sold or transferred for commercial use. Cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, promotions, or Future Travel Credits. Void where prohibited. Not valid for group bookings. Offer is subject to change without notice. Bookings subject to restrictions and Adventures by Disney’s standard terms and conditions. As to Disney properties, logos, artwork: ©Disney

ATLAS OCEAN VOYAGES: Bonus Savings of up to $3,000 per stateroom ($1,500 per person) are based on double occupancy for new bookings made by September 30, 2022. Fares are quoted in U.S. dollars, are per person, and are based on double occupancy. Airfare, land excursions, taxes, port charges and fees are additional. Bonus Savings may vary by voyage and accommodations category selected. Promotion is capacity controlled and Atlas Ocean Voyages reserves the right to modify or close any promotion at any time without notice. Additional restrictions may apply. For full terms and conditions, contact your travel professional. Ship's Registry: Portugal

BACKROADS: The deposit is $600 per person for Scheduled Departures ($1,000 per person for Special Departures) and is fully refundable up to 15 days after you book when you sign up 15 days or more before the final payment due date.

FUNJET VACATIONS: Promotional offers vary by resort and may only be available for a limited time. Restrictions and blackout dates may apply. Offers and pricing may be withdrawn or changed without notice. Additional restrictions may apply. Exclusive Perks offers vary by hotel. Valid for select room categories only which vary by resort. Riu Palace Costa Mujeres: Ocean Front Suite, Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas: Jacuzzi Oceanview Suite, Riu Santa Fe: Jacuzzi Oceanview Suite, Riu Guanacaste: Suite, Riu Palace Pacifico: Jacuzzi Oceanview Suite, Riu Palace Tropical Bay: Oceanview Suite, Riu Palace Bavaro: Villa Jacuzzi Suite. Valid when booking by 12/21/22 for travel through 12/23/22. Valid for contracted groups. Travel dates and other restrictions may apply. Added value amenities, benefits, etc., are offered strictly through Funjet Vacations and affiliated ALG Vacations™ brands, are subject to change, and may be withdrawn at any time. Funjet Vacations is not responsible for errors or omissions. Bookings are subject to the current Funjet Vacations terms and conditions. Funjet Vacations materials (including, but not limited to, names, trademark, service marks, logos, marketing materials, etc.) shall not be used, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way, except with the express written consent of Funjet Vacations. CST #2139014-20.

G ADVENTURES: Eligible passengers shall receive 15% off per person on guaranteed departures of the following small-group tours, for select dates departing between June 14, 2022 and December 15, 2022: ACBF, ACBI, ACSH, AEJG, AEKG, AEKS, AFAN, AHBB, AHDC, AHDS, AHDU, AHKH, AHRD, AHRH, AHUH, AJKO, AJTK, AJTO, ALVB, ALVC, ALVT, ANKK, ASLA, ASNC, ATBG, ATBS, ATCV, ATHV, ATID, ATIS, ATIT, ATNY, ATRA, ATRC, ATRM, ATRT, ATSS, ATTV, AVHH, AVRV, AVVL, CCCR, CCCS, CMCA, CMOP, CRBC, CRCR, DADO, DAJB, DAJJ, DAJL, DATJ, DAVV, DCCK, DCF, DCKE, DCKK, DCKM, DCMX, DCN, DCXM, DKBJ, DKGN, DKGZ, DKNC, DKNK, DKSZ, DNDO, DNFO, DNV, DOJO, DPGE, DSUA, DTSZ, DUGZ, DUKK, DVN, DZFO, DZKF, DZLD, ECDA, ECZA, ECZD, EDBP, EFET, EFFI, EFPD, EFPJ, EFPM, EFPS, EIME, EIRF, EIRG, EIRH, EIRM, EJBB, EJBP, ESBC, ESBM, ETTO, JBR, JCS, JGS, JML, NCRU, NCUR, NUHH, NULA, NULG, NULH, NULL, NULS, NULZ, NUYL, NUYV, NUYX, OABC, OASC, OASQ, ONNI, ONNS, ONSE, SBLB, SBLR, SEGB, SEQC, SEQL, SEQM, SEQR, SMCT, SPJT, SPMB, SPMR, SPPS, AAMK, ADTC, ADTP, ANAS, ANEA, ATHB, ATHH, AVHB, CCBC, CRAC, CRSM, DCCT, DJJA, DTKL, DTKM, DTKR, DTKZ, DTM8, DTMZ, DTOZ, EFMB, EFME, EGCO, EGCR, EGHG, ELHI, ENBB, EPHA, EPHM, ESCS, ESHA, ESHC, ESIM, ESMC, NCVS, NCWL, NCWW, NUSD, NUSM, NUSW, NUVM, NUZF, NUZZ, ONAM, ONNM, ONSM, PID, PIM, SACC, SAPI, SCFT, SCSW, SEGA, SEGL, SMLC, SPCQ, SPHK, SPLI, SPLT, SPST, AAEK, AAES, ACCR, ADPP, AEJL, AEJV, AESS, AESU, AEUS, AHBS, AHDK, AHEH, AHGT, AHHE, AHRA, AJBR, AJDJ, AJJR, AKSS, AMNA, ANNA, ANRT, AOPP, AQTT, ARSM, ASLE, ASSL, ASSM, ASVE, ATBH, ATHJ, ATIE, ATLV, ATNR, ATNW, ATSJ, ATTJ, ATTW, ATTY, AUBU, AUTA, AVCH, AVCI, AVCT, AVCW, AVEV, AVLHA, AWTU, AYBA, AYBT, AYKK, AYKU, BBDR, BILM, CAM, CBBC, CBBJ, CCC, CCCE, CCHC, CGME, CMDD, CMMD, CMMJ, CMMP, CMTM, CRA, CREJ, CRNJ, CRQ, CRSJ, DACD, DADF, DAFD, DCBJ, DCKD, DCMH, DCMJ, DJJJ, DJNT, DKAJ, DKKG, DKKJ, DKMG, DKMM, DKMT, DKTW, DKWA, DKWZ, DMHM, DNCD, DNEJ, DOHJ, DOIE, DOJJ, DPBA, DPBE, DPCT, DPEE, DPJA, DQMM, DSBJ, DSCC, DSCZ, DSEJ, DSJJ, DSKJ, DSLJ, DSSJ, DSUJ, DTKS, DTMS, DTOS, DTTJ, DTTZ, DTWE, DTWZ, DURU, DWHJ, DZDD, DZDF, DZXJ, EABE, EABI, EAVC, ECWJ, EDBC, EDLT, EFWJ, EGAJ, EGBG, EIHS, EINS, EIRV, EISS, EJBT, ELBI, ELWI, ELXL, EPEJ, EPLP, EPSJ, EQDB, ESLM, ESMB, ESMJ, ESMK, ESMM, ESNS, ESSP, ETAT, ETAW, ETBT, EUEG, EXGA, EXVS, NCCV, NCVC, NCVV, NUAJ, NUDL, NUDS, NUJY, NUKB, NUKD, NUMI, NUOM, NUPF, NUPL, NUPV, NUZL, NUZS, NUZV, OACS, OAMY, OAQC, OAVC, OAVS, ONAC, PAA, PHPT, PPC, PPP, SAIB, SAPE, SCCA, SCSR, SEAJ, SEEQ, SEGU, SEHE, SEIA, SEIG, SEQI, SEQU, SMBS, SMCC, SMCQ, SMCS, SMS, SMTQ, SPEJ, SPIJ, SPLB, SPMP, SPNJ, SPQJ, SPSJ, ATFF, AVVF, CRFA, CRSGF, DSCGF, ELRGF, NUAGF, SEFG, SEGF, SPFA, SPMGF, ECDL, EIAL, EIAW, EIGL, EISO, SEJL, AFMB, AFMS, AOLZSE, AOVZSE, ASVM, ATSA, ATSH, ATSK, AVLSZW, AVVSZW, CCVH, CCVT, CIVT, CSVG, ECVD, ECVM, ECVMD, ECVS, ECVSM, EFLEDN, EIVZ,EIZV, ESVT, GVAM, GVAS, GVMA, GVMM, GVMS, GVSA, GVSM, GVSS, PVI3A, PVI5A, PVI7A, PVIIA, SEV07DA, SEV07YB, SEV08DA, SEV08DB, SEV08RA, SEV08RB, SEV10DA, SEV10DB, SEV10RA, SEV10RB, SEV10YA, SEV10YB, SEV17DA, SEV17YA, SEVL07YB. Must be booked between June 14, 2022 and July 14, 2022 at 23:59 EST. Valid only when applied to new bookings and bookings made using a Suspension Travel Credit issued as a result of a tour suspension due to COVID-19. Must quote promo code for 15% off at time of booking. Bookings must be made by contacting our agency. Cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts and is subject to availability and airline booking guidelines. Cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts other than the G Adventures’ Book with Confidence Policy and is subject to availability. Does not apply to Expedition, National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures, National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures, Private Groups (with exception of the ‘Book Your Bubble Collection’), Independent trips, Day Tours, pre- or post-tour accommodation, insurance, upgrades, add-ons, “My Own Room” or “My Own Tent,” transfers, theme packs, or other in-country or on-board services. G Adventures reserves the right to withdraw this offer from sale at any time without prior notice. Any refunds made with respect to products booked under this promotion shall be issued at the discounted rate. G Adventures reserves the right to cancel any booking due to unauthorized, altered, ineligible, or fraudulent use of discount. G Adventures is not responsible for technical or system errors that may interfere with or otherwise prohibit the use of the promotion. All G Adventures’ tours are subject to G Adventures' full booking conditions. 

HURTIGRUTEN EXPEDITIONS: Hurtigruten Expeditions Cruises: Guests will receive 90 euro onboard credit per person for all Expeditions cruises, except on the MS Santa Cruz II where guests will receive a $100 USD onboard credit per person. For Expeditions cruises where the onboard credit is given in euro (EUR), the USD equivalent will fluctuate due to the exchange rate at the time of usage. Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express Voyages: For the 11- or 12-day Norwegian Discovery and Roundtrip Coastal cruises, guests will receive 600 Norwegian Kroner onboard credit per person; for the 6-day Cruise South or 7-day Cruise North, guests will receive 300 Norwegian Kroner onboard credit per person. The onboard credit is given in Norwegian Krone (NOK) on all Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express cruises. The USD equivalent will fluctuate due to the exchange rate at the time of usage. The offer is valid for new bookings, and North American residents 18 years or older only. The offer is limited to two persons per cabin. The onboard credit is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Guests who do not use the full amount of the onboard credit during their purchased sailing will not be refunded the remaining credit.

INTREPID TRAVEL: Enjoy 10% OFF Intrepid Travel US and Canadian domestic small group adventures trips booked between 6/14/22 00:00 EDT / 6/13/22 09:00 pm PDT and 10/31/22 09:00 pm EDT / 10/31/22 06:00 pm PDT, not combinable with any other offer. 10% OFF applies to any US or Canadian domestic Intrepid small group adventure departing between 6/14/22 and 12/31/22 excluding: Trips operated by Wildland Trekking, Urban Adventures, Polar, SBKA and SBKN Trips operated by Quark: BQMFJ, BQMHP, BQMRP, BQMWE, BQMWW, Trips operated by Adventure Canada: SBKA, SBKG, SBKH, SBKN, and Tailormade trips. This sale is valid for residents Canada and USA only. Discount only applies to the land portion of the trip and cannot be applied to single supplement, transfers or any additional services. If the trip on which the discount was applied is cancelled by Intrepid Travel, the customer will not be eligible for any additional credit beyond monies paid. There will be no extensions to the travel, booking or payment periods listed above. The trip is subject to availability and confirmation by Intrepid Travel at time of booking. Credit Holders can use any valid discounts or promotions that are available at the time of re-booking in their region, except where we are honoring their original price. Contact your travel professional for full Terms & Conditions about credit holding. Intrepid Travel’s vaccination policy applies. Contact our agency for additional information and full Terms and Conditions. 

ROYAL CARIBBEAN: *Price is per person, in USD, cruise only, applies to select sailings, interior stateroom, based on double-occupancy, and reflects any promotional savings. Offer includes up to $50 USD OBC per stateroom. Bookings will be eligible for an additional $50 USD OBC when group space is named and deposited 6 months prior to sailing. OBC is in USD, has no cash value, is non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and will expire if not used by 10:00 PM on the last evening of the cruise. OBC will be applied automatically to all eligible reservations. Offer open to residents of US, Canada, Puerto Rico and select countries in the Caribbean. Prices and offers are subject to availability and change without notice, capacity controlled, and may be withdrawn at any time. Refer to your travel advisor for complete terms and conditions. Royal Caribbean International reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update fares, fees and surcharges at any time without prior notice. ©2022 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Ships’ registry: Bahamas.

SEABOURN: Sailing dates and amenities including exclusive shore events, are current at time of printing and are subject to change without notice. Amenities apply to 1st and 2nd passenger only. Offers are subject to availability, at time of booking, and may be altered or withdrawn at any time without notice. Pricing and amenities will be confirmed at time of booking. Cancellations, refunds, and penalties are imposed by the individual cruise lines. Amenities are specific to each cruise line and must be booked by one of our travel advisors. If space has been recalled or cancelled by the cruise line, amenities cannot be applied. Contact our agency for additional information.

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